From the Author of Finance for Kidz comes the next SERIES: LAW FOR KIDZ - the ultimate resource which will help your children stay out of trouble with the law!

Educators & Parents Agree:
You absolutely need these books!. Here are some testimonials from them:

LAW FOR KIDZ takes concepts law students study for three years, and brings them down to the level where grade school children can learn and apply the lessons. The stories are short and to the point, yet vivid and entertaining for kids and their parents. Professor Prakash Dheeriya has taken real life experiences of his two boys and adapted them to paint a picture all will remember. This is a great follow up to his FINANCE FOR KIDZ series.
Richard B. Chess
Chess Law Firm, PLC

I really enjoyed these stories which took some very complicated legal theories and explained them in a way that children will enjoy. The kids won't even know they are learning basic legal concepts, but they will.
Mr Richard Malamud, Professor of Accounting and Law, California State University Dominguez Hills

I think these stories are not only helpful for children but also adults. It's terrible how grown up people can ignore all of this. I studied in some semesters in law school and I know many of these things. But I learned something as well from their moral lessons. But parents tend to forget they are mentors of their children and send them to the real world completely unaware of these type of things. That's dreadful. They are going to be eaten by packs of wolves.
Gerardo Serrano, Author

Written in a story telling format, the SERIES LAW FOR KIDZ explains complicated legal concepts that children in schools ought to know.
Ensure Your Kids' understanding of Law so they don't become future
Please check out our original series Finance for Kidz. Books in the finance series are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic languages.

Books in Law for Kidz Series (click link to buy)
What is Law?
Moral and Legal Obligations
Prohibited conduct
Intellectual Property
Offer and Acceptance
Purchase versus lease
Assault and Battery
Solicitation and Conspiracy
Damages and Penalties
Search and Seizure
Freedom of Speech

About The Author
Dr. Prakash Dheeriya is a Professor of Finance who has been teaching finance and investments for over two decades. Dr. Dheeriya has several publications in the field of financial markets. A frequent speaker at conferences, chambers of commerce and rotary clubs, he has received several research awards, has over 30 refereed publications to his credit. Prakash takes particular pride in caring for and educating his two young boys, ages 15 and 16 years. His motto in life is what he usually tells his kids: Don't worry. It's going to be OK!
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